If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child you should contact Mrs Debra Knowles who is our Designated Safeguarding Lead Person. You can contact her via the school telephone 01484 222750 or email:

If Mrs Knowles is unavailable you should contact Miss Catherine Bacon using or Mrs Sarah Cunningham using 

Altenatively contact Kirklees Referral and Response Service on 01484 456848 

For further information about Child Safeguarding in Kirklees click on the link below:


E Safety 


Maintaining your child’s safety while online is a priority for all staff in school.  As the use of technology continues to  expand, so do our procedures regarding e-safety. At Shelley First School we pride ourselves on our children being confident, safe users of all technology; responsible teaching of e-safety therefore goes hand-in-hand with our use of ICT across the curriculum.

School documents on e-safety

Our policy for e-safety is currently under review, but will be based on the Kirklees Guidance on E-Safety.

All children will be taught in line with the school’s e-safety curriculum.

Each child, along with their parent or legal guardian, is expected to sign and adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use Policy . We currently have one acceptable use policy for use throughout school so understand that there are elements that younger children may not understand completely, but these elements will be taught in school to ensure the child uses the internet in an appropriate way.  Each Autumn term, teachers will remind the children in their class of the agreement and help them understand how this helps them to stay safe.

Useful links for Parents

We understand that e-safety can be a minefield for parents who want to allow their children access to the internet and new ways to communicate, but who are concerned about their own knowledge of safe online use.  We hope that these links will prove helpful in explaining some of the ways communication can be used, and in providing advice for guiding children’s use of the latest technologies.








Our Digital Leaders

The school’s Digital Leaders are an invaluable source of help and support for all our children.  They have already been very active in helping promote safe online use, designing posters, making ‘top tip’ labels for laptops and netbooks, and giving assemblies on e-safety to the other children in school. 

They also ensure that all children know about Hector Hector and how he can protect them in school.

chatguide – Safeguarding - A Guide to Parents on how to keep children safe online and on mobiles


 YHGFL Parental advice on Facebook

List of popular Social Media App's used by young people